About us

QST is the culmination of knowledge, skills and experience built internationally over more than three decades. It is an offering based not on only one man’s journey, but indeed pulls together a number of highly experienced agencies who each in its own right provides expert services, but in strategic partnership enable QST to deliver transformation solutions custom-designed to clients’ unique needs.


With more than 35 years’ in the field of social development and transformation, Anthonie Rossouw (CEO of QST Consulting) brings a wealth of skills to the table.

See Anthonie’s CV here.


Depending on the requirements of any specific project, we bring together specialists in various fields to ensure optimal results. Our associates hail from all over Australia, South Africa, Canada and more.

Social initiatives

We are involved in a range of social initiatives, but due to the often sensitive nature of these initiatives, we cannot always publish relevant information. We are currently working through information and will post here in the future – please check back here again!