How we can help you

Whether you are part of a community, involved in community development, in local government or an NGO, or even in the private sector or corporate business, we can help you reach your social transformation goals. Although we offer our services modularly, our approach covers a wide spectrum of social development aspects.


You can only solve a problem once you understand it fully. That is why all our work is underpinned by thorough research.

We have also learned that research services not only aid our clients to build knowledge, but can also build the capacity of individuals and groups if done through a collaborative partnership approach in which community members participate in the very research that is conducted in their community.

At QST we do social impact assessments (SIA), surveys, baseline studies, focus groups, monitoring and evaluation research, action research and qualitative research that include techniques as transect walks and narratives.

Social Transformation

We believe that all communities can be resilient, healthy and strong and we are excited about any opportunity to embark on a journey with a community and to work with people to discover this capacity within their community. Such a journey leads community members to feel safe in their environment, which empowers them to take action and to fulfill their dreams.

In building the capacity of individuals, one of the key aspects is to develop leadership skills. This contributes to having individuals within the community who can take the lead if and when called upon – no matter what their position in the community is.

At QST we offer community consultation, project and program development and management; support to the community development process; advice and support to local authorities, government agencies and NGOs; support, assistance and management of community initiatives, projects and programs; sourcing and management of project/program funds and planning,  training (for groups and individuals) and facilitation of conferences, seminars and workshops.

Case studies

We are currently putting together case studies of completed projects to show you how we can help you. These would include:

  • Meekatharra community development
  • Rural community development and training in South Africa

Please check back here later for more information.